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     Victor Keyloun was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1935. His parents were both immigrants from Aleppo, Syria, and his father was a prominent player in the New York garment industry. The youngest of six children, Victor chose not to follow his siblings into the family business, and instead attended the College of the Holy Cross and later Georgetown Medical School. He served two years in the United States Navy before completing his post-doctoral training at St. Vincent’s Hospital and starting private practice in Greenwich Village, New York. After twenty years in practice, Dr. Keyloun switched careers, helming a highly successful consulting firm that specialized in creating computer-based sales training material and medical education for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

     Dr. Keyloun is the co-author of The Coronary Care Unit, a detailed history of the opening of the first coronary unit of its kind in New York City. His memoir, 

House by the Park, is an unflinching account of growing up in a large, loving family ravaged by bipolar disorder. In addition to his two other books, Dr. Good Has Gone and Murder, Madness & St. Vincent's, Dr. Keyloun has written and produced four plays, and is currently working on his first screenplay.

     He lives with his wife, Carol, in the suburbs of New York City.​​