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"Join a dedicated, skillful and caring internist on a journey through New York's medical history.  Live the 60's and 70's in Greenwich Village and New York City through private and academic medicine.  Look through empathetic and caring eyes which first and foremost listened and used skillfully developed clinical skills to care  for puzzling and complex medical problems with uncanny accuracy, which is not always found, but desperately needed in today's young physicians.  You will live the cultural diversity that has made New York 'the Village' that is quintessential America."


Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Joseph J. Butenas Professor and Dean for Medical Education

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

"Dr. Good Has Gone is an amazingly enjoyable excursion into the 'Golden Days of Medicine' and the changes that have occurred in the ensuing years.  Dr. Keyloun's reminiscences are surprisingly quite vivid, given that some of them occurred over 50 years ago, and will keep the reader eagerly awaiting the next chapter.  This book provides poignant remembrances for everyone to enjoy, but for those in the medical profession who have ever embarked upon the undertaking of a private practice, they are particularly relatable and memorable."  


Vice-Chairman, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Flushing Hospital Medical Center 

Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine

Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center

"Dr. Good Has Gone represents an historical account of the last five decades of American Medicine as seen through the retrospectoscope of a solo practicing internist in an urban setting in Greenwich Village, New York City.  By means of individual actual patient encounters, we experience the preeminent importance of the physician patient experience that is as it applies to the art of medicine and which is now under great assault with the coming corporatization of American medicine.  Dr. Keyloun also takes us through the last half century of medical advances in surgery, diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, and pharmacology, which have evolved into a true medical industrial complex.  This book is a must read for the physician as well as the patient."


Past President

Medical Society of the State of New York

"Dr. Keyloun’s book is more than just a good read. For the nonphysician what one finds here is an excellent description of what it was like to practice medicine before the heyday of the current technology. The need to be attentive to everything the patient said and to establish a real partnership all with the intent of serving the patient well. For the physician audience he provides a full example of what he and I experienced as classmates in medical school. We both came away with the understanding that learning was to continue lifelong and application of the science of medicine would have to be tailored to the unique patient involved. There is also the lament of the apparent loss of the relationship that we had so many years ago with our patients and his expression of concern for where medicine is going today has been colored by his unique experience in the practice in the New York City area."


Clinical Professor of Medicine,

University of Kentucky School of Medicine

To illustrate what has become a seismic shift in the medical industry over the past fifty years, Dr. Good Has Gone is a series of narrative essays that tell the stories of patients for whom Dr. Keyloun cared during his twenty five years in practice in the 1960s and 1970s, juxtaposed with the story of his wife's ongoing struggle with Parkinson's disease. Taken together, these stories paint a portrait of a long gone era when doctors and patients forged meaningful relationships with one another, and ask what we have sacrificed on the long road to progress.

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